About Dudubrook Quilting Loft

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Dudubrook Quilting Loft (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2008 after Dudu returned to Botswana after a 15 years overseas experience in the UK, Oman, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  Her quilting career, however, commenced in Sandton, South Africa in 1990 round about the time of the birth of her second child. In 1992, she left Africa for a 15 year adventure in the Middle East where she befriended groups of expatriate ladies who also shared her love of quilting and she became a member of the Oman, Abu Dhabi and Dubai Quilters Guilds.  


Dudu now has 30 years of quilting experience and her hobby has now materialized into the only quilt business. She has  worked with orphans, school children and ladies associations and the Anglican Women’s Fellowship among others.



Her hard work and experience has now enabled her to be a competent quilter capable of holding quilting classes and training from beginners to advanced level.


She does everything to do with quilting basically from supplying all quilting accessories and fabrics, to cutting tools, rulers etc and top of the line Swiss Quilting Machines from ELNA.

Other services include:-

      -Quilting Classes for Beginners to Advanced

      -Imported and Local Fabrics & Batting

      -Quilting Supplies, Books, Patterns and Magazines

      - Best Quality Hand Quilted  Bedspreads, Baby Quilts, 

       Wall Hangings

      -Quilts made to order to your own designs—choose

       from a wide selection

      -Have your own quilt quilted by a USA  Long Arm

       Quilting Machine

      -Pet blankets, coats and sleeping mats

      -Any Quilt , Any Size